Minder, developped at Cambridge Consultants, is the first ecosystem-enabling 3G mobile medical hub.


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The Minder, powered by Vena, enables continuous, real-time medical data collection and transmission via cellular networks. Increasing the accuracy and frequency of patient data reporting, the Minder demonstrates a new technology solution that can lower the cost of healthcare by improving the quality of patient care. Doubling as a pocket-sized digital patient checklist, Minder is a sophisticated gateway that captures wireless medical data and transmits it to a patient’s online health record, creating higher volume and higher quality data for Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Moreover, Minder can receive real time updates to the checklist thereby enabling two way communications with healthcare professionals or caregivers, enabling more meaningful use of e-health records.
With the goal of increasing compliance via user engagement, the Minder displays an interactive timed to-do list that can be customized for individual patients. For instance, the recovering heart attack victim can now transmit their blood pressure readings from home to their EMR in real-time. If the reading is high, the Minder could instantly alert a care provider who could have the patient carry out necessary steps by sending tasks back to the Minder. If the reading is on target, it could prevent an unnecessary hospital visit.


Source : Cambridge Consultants


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Minder was also designed to operate with richer user interfaces. Under my guidance, The interface below was developped by designer Jeremy Van Hill and Human Factors Engineer Leslie Johnson. It downloads information from Google Health, completely reorganises it and links it to Minder, to create a complete user experience.

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I developped the complete mechanical design for the caseworks, and guided the layout for the PCB components.

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The design below was the first industrial design iteration for the project. To achieve the desired slimness, it required an integration of electronics that we didn’t want to invest in at the time for this prototype.

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