Trading turret


Developed as a personal trading assistant, Open Trade is a revolutionary, innovative, touch screen multimedia, communications system. This next generation platform is more than just a turret; it provides perfect communication channels that converge at a single point for information and conversations, seamlessly integrating voice, video, email, instant messaging and web-based applications.

This innovative, intuitive and flexible approach to unified communications brings together the essential tools a trader needs for speedy transactions in one terminal. Open Trade provides reliable, secure and fast contact management, but also intelligent presence management, showing if your contacts are available and the best channels to reach them. It supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephony which connects people in real time whether they are using voice, video or instant messaging.

Open Trade’s all in one software supports Advanced Call Processing and call control interoperability with next generation third party communication tools. It also allows integration with CRM and other business applications as well as with most cloud computing strategies.

Open Trade brings together all the crucial information and capabilities necessary, putting the trader in control, It is an innovative solution that meets the needs of the evolving trading environment

Axel Pierron
SVP at Celent

The personal trading assistant can be configured to the needs of the individual and provides users with a professional dashboard offering a complete view of all contacts at a glance. The intuitive, touch screen interface and hot buttons offer access to unlimited active, corporate and personal directories as well as transfer and conference capabilities, putting the trader in complete control. Users can host up to 30 simultaneous conversations and conference calls.

With a slim-line compact design, Open Trade takes up minimal valuable desk real-estate. It is equipped with the latest acoustic technology providing wide band audio even in the noisiest of trading environments. Two versions of the terminal are available including Open Trade Evolution, a double screen system and a single screen model, Open Trade Compact. Language choices include English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

(source : Orange Business Services, Trading Solutions)

This is a big step forward for the trading community. The system is easy to understand and the customisation options offer more comfort for users. We cannot work without Open Trade, its intuitive functions are invaluable to our company.

Olivier Bisiaux
Information Ssystems Manager, Global Equities