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By hugging the glass and collecting the pips, octopulp is an attempt to reinvent Starck’s Juicy Salif.

A little bit of background : I use to be a passionate opponent of Philippe Starck’s design, as for me it represented the epitomy of what design shouldn’t be : Art. (lately Starck has changed his position and is himself critical of his earlier design). Design being the crossroad of Technology, Usability and Style, Juicy Salif was my favorite example of an object that lacked Usability. As proof, I asked anybody who had one if he was using it and I got invariably the same answer : “no, it’s on a shelf and looks good”. QED.
To make a long story short, my friends ended up giving me a Juicy Salif for my birthday, with a bunch of lemons to demonstrate my point, which I did beautifuly (It now stands on a shelf with the mention “this is not a juicer”).

They then taunted me to do better, so Octopulp was my answer.