As new technologies emerge, old habits give way to new ones. Surprisingly, some old habits die hard, and generations will have to pass before technology has its way.
Reading real books is one of those habits. Flipping through pages and making your way through a 700-page-thick fiction is an actual pleasure that early e-book developers failed to appreciate. They did however accurately point out that a thousand books in one was a real plus. 

With 200 electronic-paper pages, a tactile-cover menu, in-built memory in its spine and wireless connections, Anybook takes advantage of new technologies and provides a reader’s equivalent to the iPod: an updatable library in a book with pages you can actually flip! – I hope Gutemberg would be proud…

This concept si now a little old and has lost some of its relevance with the advent of all the tablet library apps and more importantly the shift in User Experience that people are ready to accept. Nevertheless, for hardcore defenders of reading physiscal books, this could still remain attractive. 

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